Avenue groups can be started by an Individual or Organization

It’s simple to start a group

Want to START a group?

Begin by registering your upcoming or active group. Then we'll connect you with our Leader Coaches for ongoing ready answers through the life of your group. Community members can find your group in our Community directory.

Questions First?

 Have questions first about what’s involved in running a group? A Leader's Coach can help you with your concerns and decision making. Let us help you with the first steps and planning. Contact a Leadership Coach NOW.

Why Groups?

Conquer Isolation

End isolation with a group of men on the road to freedom. Break men free of fear and hopelessness which thrives in isolation.

Gain Wisdom

Group members share recovery wisdom with one another.


Increase the likelihood that your marriage will be repaired and restored.

Learn Objectivity

See your own situation shared in other men's stories.


Develop healthy friendships that endure, with men who understand you.

Speed Healing

It's a fact! A healthy group will accelerate your personal healing over individual treatment.

As a group facilitator, one has the awesome privilege to witness lives radically changed as members learn, grow and heal in a setting you’ve provided. Often group members become facilitators after their training and some start a group to answer their own need for group support.

Leadership Support  
We provide ongoing Leadership Support for all your group needs. Our Coaches will answer your questions by email and phone. You can get questions answered as they arise.
    Leader's Guide        
Our Leader’s Guide walks you through all aspects of your group's life. Find quick answers to your questions. Simple tools to help you create a safe haven where hurting men can heal.
Leader's Community
Through our Leadership Community, you can connect with other group leaders across town or across the country to share ideas. Our groups provide continual support for every member.
     Leader Member     
A man needing a group can lead one. He should weigh his ability to take on a Leader role while working on his own healing. If you're unsure of the answer to that, talk with a Coach who can help you with your concerns.

Contact A Leader's Coach Now With Your Questions:

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