For Men

Does your sex life conflict with your own values?
Experiencing pain or consequences?
Do your sex habits run your life?
Ready for a change?

For Women

If your relationship has been affected by broken trust,
If you want to talk to someone who understands,
If you need to find answers,
If you want to stop hurting
and get your life back....

how we help you to overcome sexual brokenness:

Avenue is a safe place for men to restore sexual integrity, heal root traumas, and prosper. We're a rare, confidential environment for women to overcome wounds from broken intimacy, trust and loss. We empower change through our stellar guidebooks packed with the knowledge to forge a new direction. We help each person to connect within our community, and in small groups across the country of like-minded men or women with the same needs. Every person is touched by the unconditional love of Christ, the threadwork of our ministry.  In the process individuals experience life changing transformations.  Many couples journey the route to restore their marriage and families. Learn more on the Men's and Women's Get Help pages.

Why Avenue?

We were once where you are. We understand, down to the smallest details, what you're living. We know the hopelessness and isolation, but also we know the joy of restoration because we've lived it!

We're passionate to help you live in the same freedom we found!  We want you to experience the same healthy connections and unconditional love that were so instrumental to our healing. We've brought together the inspired answers, insights, and action points from our journeys that restored each of us. Avenue was created for you, where you are right now. We've been helping men and women like you since 1995 find hope and healing! Take our hand, we'll guide you to a new direction, a restored life for you.



For the Church

AVENUE equips you to solve the No. 1 unspoken need in your church!  Not so sure? The majority of Christian men say they struggle on some level to maintain sexual integrity. Sex has always been men's Achilles heel; compounded by the advent of internet porn, it has created a pandemic among men. Our resources address both the man's habits and the woman in relationship with him, who has been deeply affected by his behavior.

When you address this urgent need affecting so many,  your members and visitors are attracted by your relevant concerns. The visitor you've helped through Avenue often becomes a committed church member. Avenue is  a resource that friends tell friends about in a time of need; the result?  You're a hero and your church grows!


Here's Hope!

Restoration isn’t just for the lucky’s for you!  AVENUE works for everyone who is willing, no matter how difficult your circumstance. Our inspired tools give you the knowledge, direction and people you need right now, to guide you to a new beginning.

If you're hopeless right now, I'd like you to read the testimonies and stories on our site; these are just a few of the many people that have been profoundly healed with our help.  We want to do the same for you. We understand if you can't see that restored future for yourself right now. Take another step of faith on the avenue to hope; watch this!


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Restore Your Life Today

"Today I am a walking miracle because God touched my life, my whole life, through Avenue."

"Because of AVENUE and the grace of Christ, I have my family back."

"AVENUE helped me heal the hurt and pain from my childhood."

"In Avenue I have found the way to get out and stay out of sexual bondage."

"With the AVENUE groups and a lot of prayer, we began the path to real recovery together."

AVENUE changed my whole life!

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