"I’m happy to introduce you to Clay Allen and the ministry entitled, ‘AVENUE.’ It’s a resource for healthy sexuality. Pastor, friend; you know as well as I do that nothing is breaking people apart more drastically, more devastatingly than sexual issues in our society today. Clay’s ministry was welcomed on our campus when we conducted the King’s College and Seminary Special Study on Sexual Addiction. We must be equipped to deal with brokenness that comes to people caught up in sexual addiction, and to train others in our church family to minister to the needs of those struggling in this way. Clay’s ministry is effective in doing just that."

Dr. Jack Hayford,
Chancellor, Kings College & Seminary
Van Nuys, CA

"Clay Allen is one of the men I’ve seen go through a genuinely miraculous transformation wrought by Christ from sexual addiction. No one I know personally has a better grasp of the recovery material presented in AVENUE. There is no ministry more needed among men of all churches today then AVENUE. All too frequently as I travel and speak to men’s groups and ask them to respond if they have a need for sexual purity, 60-90% of the room will stand. Nothing else gets that kind of response. The great apostle Paul begged us to give our bodies as a living sacrifice to God (Rom. 12:1). That’s what AVENUE does for men. And though I am no apostle, I feel no shame in begging you to give AVENUE a chance with the men you influence. Some of their lives, families, and destinies may depend upon your decision to do something about this issue. Our prayers are with you and your men as you think on these things."

Ron Pinkston,
East Bay Fellowship
Danville, CA

"For many marriages, the tools I offer are wholly sufficient to turn relationships around and give them a sure footing.

For some (LOTS), the issue of pornography has devastated their marriages. For these men and their wives, we’ve opened up the proverbial “can of worms”. You may recall that I sited a statistic: 50% of Christian men are addicted to pornography. No church is immune. I don’t believe in stirring up without offering positive solutions. For those men and women, the AVENUE ministry provides just that. My friends and colleagues Clay and Susan Allen founded AVENUE to equip the church to deal with this silent epidemic. AVENUE provides all the tools and leadership support you need to offer healing to those church members and your community desperately seeking answers."

Mark Gungor,
Laugh Your Way To a Better Marriage

"I endorse the AVENUE healing programs whole-heartedly. As a therapist, I have needed to refer clients to specialized group work in order to make progress in their lives and gain ground. AVENUE is a Biblically-based program that simply doesn’t shame and guilt people into a paradigm of 'just get in line.' The Lord raised up this ministry as a work in the Church where people can feel safe and come to grips with truth while experiencing grace in their healing. In evaluating the AVENUE program and the growth of those I’ve referred, there is nothing that even comes close in my clients’ development. AVENUE materials are Biblically-centered and psychologically savvy. This is more than a “feel good” or a simply believe-and-do-approach. This is relevant, straightforward and non-compromising, offering hope to those that have felt awash and without much hope. I am excited to see how God continues to expand His vision with AVENUE. I refer all my clients with sexual issues to the AVENUE program, and will continue to do so."

Reverend Jeffrey E. Klippenes MA, MFT,
Executive Director, Sequoyah Counseling Center
Castro Valley, CA

"I consider it a joy and a privilege to recommend Clay and Susan Allen and the ministry of AVENUE. At the outset, I want to say that I know of no finer couple. My relationship with them extends over several years to include a warm personal friendship, as well as my speaking at their church – East Bay Fellowship – several times. Their lives have always impacted me because of their sole desire to faithfully serve our Lord and His people. Clay is a gifted teacher and communicator. His ministry is balanced, sound and sensible. He is sensitive to the needs of others. Clay and Susan have a proven track record in ministry and are highly regarded and deeply loved. From my perspective, their love, care and concern for people is what makes them stand head and shoulders above others. I strongly recommend the ministry of Clay and Susan Allen to you, and I believe they’d be a great blessing."

Dr. Ron Mehl,
Beaverton Foursquare Church
Beaverton, OR

"In over twenty years of counseling and program development, I’ve worked with countless men suffering from problems with addiction, pornography and anger. It is a great relief to now refer many of these men to a program such as AVENUE, where I’m confident they will have their very best chance of healing and lasting change in a Christ-centered format. AVENUE is a wonderful resource for any pastor or counselor."

Dennis McFadden,
Marriage and Family Therapist
Community Christian Counseling
Pleasanton, CA


Pastor of Counseling Ministries
Shoreline Community Church
Pacific Grove, CA