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A Pandemic Perspective You Can Thrive In

coronavirus worry

A happy person is not a person in great circumstances, but rather a person with great perspectives. Every one of us experiences worry, insecurity and fear, but you can overcome crippling thoughts to see from another perspective, ushering in peace to your circumstances.

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If He’s a Narcissist Too

Over the years I’ve heard the despair and explanations from some of you who are living through the betrayal trauma of their husband’s porn use and infidelity, that he is also a narcissist.

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Christmas greetings to you! I look forward with anticipation in this season for the message of hope it brings to our hungry world. Jesus’ birth ushers in the hope that helps us see beyond our today and our present circumstance.

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Expect to Hear the Voice of God

sexual betrayal and hearing from God

I made some big and bad decisions for myself in my teens and 20’s. My emotions were in charge of the decision department. Fear was the leader. But at age 36 I asked God back into my life and asked Him to lead me instead.

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Overcome Triggers and Memories

From my own experience and the women I’ve helped over the years, I’ve found that two of the most difficult things for a woman who has been betrayed is her intentional revisiting of the memories of his betrayals, and the triggers that bring up those same memories when she least expects it. Regardless of how these things are brought to mind, they set off a cascade of pain and downward spiral that can take over her days.

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The Healing Power of Gratitude

What could happen if we made each day a day of thanks-giving? What if we spent time to tell God the things we are so thankful for, in equal proportion to asking Him for our needs to be met? What would it change? What could be made possible? When we’re asking, we’re focusing on what…

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Why I Stayed and Restored Our Marriage

I want to share one woman’s story of dealing with her husband’s betrayals. The first thing you’ll find was that this wasn’t a straight path to recovery. Not for his healing and not for hers. But one ingredient is absolutely required for true restoration of the marriage to happen. Both husband and wife have to…

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Is He Being Unfaithful?

Most warning signs that a man is having an affair with another woman are not as obvious as the tell-tale lipstick on the collar. A pattern of behavioral changes are often red flags that might point to infidelity. You may observe subtle changes. He may seem aloof. A combination of sudden uncharacteristic changes in his…

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Someone You Know Needs This

signs cheating spouse

When faced with the devastation and loss from sexual betrayal, a woman needs solid information to sort out questions and decision points, and it is important to have others to talk to that really understand. That is exactly what our Healing Choice phone groups provide. We understand, because we’ve been there. We’ve made this journey;…

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Gossip In our Healing Choice Groups for women, I am so heartened and proud of how women care for each other. We begin each new group introducing our Group Courtesies. Among other things, each woman agrees on principles for maintaining confidentiality — respecting each other’s stories and circumstances. The relationships and friendships I’ve witnessed being…

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