I want to share one woman\'s story of dealing with her husband\'s betrayals.

The first thing you\'ll find was that this wasn\'t a straight path to recovery. Not for his healing and not for hers. But one ingredient is absolutely required for true restoration of the marriage to happen. Both husband and wife have to be committed to the goal.

In her letter to me, Diane retells the very difficult process to get there.



I just want to thank you for making these resources available. God used them to change our marriage forever.

We had been in a destructive cycle of betrayal and discovery for 15 years and I was completely done with giving him any more chances. I burned all of my lingerie in the firepit one day and told him we were done if I ever found any trace of him looking at anything he shouldn't. Then it happened again and I was set on keeping my word, but he denied it and denied it. Finally one night he broke down and confessed. I was completely broken.

Then I found Avenue, it was like a lifeline had been thrown to me. The First Responder couldn't have been better at reaching out to me and asking me to participate for my own good, regardless of what my husband would choose to do. I did. I got on the weekly calls with the phenomenal facilitators and a few other ladies.

My husband reluctantly tried the weekly call for men and before he knew it, was looking forward to it each week. He found a band of brothers in these men that helped him see a way out and not feel alone. He had been very reclusive before. We started talking more and were able to sort through the past, and though it wasn't easy, we were able to see a future together once again. He has been clean for over two years now and our marriage is truly better than it has ever been in 17 1/2 years!

I met with a friend last night and she burst into tears and told me what was going on in her house... I told her that I knew of a place she and her husband could get some help and directed her to your website.

Thank you so much for what you do. I found you, and now can help others find you too. I thank God for your testimony and ministry!!

So much love,


Having a marriage become 'better than it has ever been' was a compelling reason to stay, to restore her marriage. Put another way, many women have said, "I wouldn't choose this path, but through it we formed the marriage that I only dreamt of."

We witness many happy new beginnings because of the healing that happens through our Avenue groups. We don\'t guarantee outcomes; individuals always make their own choices. Please know that if you choose divorce as the healthiest path and new beginning for you, you will be supported here in your decision.

But restoration isn\'t for the lucky few. It\'s for you personally, to receive the healing you need, and for your marriage, if you are both wholeheartedly committed to surrendering to God\'s direction in your life.

For over 20 years, Avenue has been providing guidance for women in pain.

Avenue for Women is ready to help you make a Healing Choice.

If you need to talk with another woman who\'s been there, or ask questions about our groups you can email women@avenue.works.