Most warning signs that a man is having an affair with another woman are not as obvious as the tell-tale lipstick on the collar. A pattern of behavioral changes are often red flags that might point to infidelity.

You may observe subtle changes. He may seem aloof. A combination of sudden uncharacteristic changes in his behavior indicate that something is not quite right.

It\'s not a guilty verdict, but your husband may be having an affair if ….

… he has changed his personal appearance over a short period of time.

… you see unexplained purchases on the credit card statement.

… your sex life changes in frequency or style.

… he is unaccountable for his time and protective of his schedule.

… he becomes more defensive when you question him about his behavior.

… he becomes secretive with his digital devices.

… he has private phone conversations.

… he makes excuses to be away from the home.

… he blames you for his unhappiness, anger, and shortcomings.

… he becomes distant and unpredictable.

Note that none of these signs alone proves your husband is being unfaithful. You didn\'t need to investigate to see these things; yet they do indicate that something is amiss.

Pray for wisdom on how to respond. You may decide to have a conversation with him as soon as possible after you become aware of these departures from the norm. To keep you grounded and in control of your emotions, seek wise advice on how to talk to him in a loving, non-accusing manner to get to the bottom of whatever is causing the disconnect at home.

We know that if you find he is unfaithful, or at the very least hiding something, it is a gut- wrenching experience.

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Following the Healing Choice Guidebook and aided by a trained facilitator, you\'ll find the support you need as you navigate the raging storms of hurt, anger, and loss.

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