Invisible Woman

Are your instincts telling you things are not right in your marriage? Are you aware your spouse used porn before marriage, but says he no longer does? Do you doubt his trustworthiness?

In many relationships, porn was ever present in the man\'s life, long before he knew you. Men don\'t typically disclose that it started in his teens and became a best friend. Many men have the mistaken notion that they won\'t have a desire for porn after marriage.

But not understanding the true nature of porn and the damage it has already caused him, he brings along this unwelcome invisible woman into the relationship and the bedroom. A woman may feel this intrusion even if he keeps his porn consumption hidden. Maybe there is a feeling of disconnect when you are physically together; there is no true soul intimacy. Romance has been replaced by requests for specific positions and sex acts.

If you\'ve already been thinking about searching through his phone or computer, you probably have good cause. You need answers.

It's Only Porn

When confronted, many a man will say, \'It\'s only porn.\' You came of age in the culture that says, \'It\'s only porn.\' You\'ve been groomed to dumb down your intelligence about porn\'s harmfulness to men\'s sexuality. You\'ve been made to feel prudish and uncool if you don\'t go along. The porn industry has worked hard to get women to accept porn, by peddling it to us as well.

Sadly, porn has a long shelf life. Images remain in the mind long after the looking. Using porn damages how users view people and relationships. And it has a profound habit-forming affect.

Addictions aren't inherited and they don't just happen. Contrary to popular notions, they are the result of a repetitive behavior. I believe the concept of addiction, being 'taken over' by something, is described in context in Romans 1:18-31. Verse 24 says, 'Therefore God 'gave them over' in the sinful desires of their hearts 'to sexual impurity'…

You Are Not Alone

We are here to guide you throughI understand where you are. You are not alone in this situation. All over this country right now women are experiencing the same pain, attempting to navigate through what appears to be uncharted territory.

But porn use is epidemic; it is the number one cause of marital strife. Whatever your discovery confirms, the path to repairing your relationship and your healing is the same.

My hope is that you make this journey in the company of other women that understand, because they\'re in the same place. Through our small restoration groups, we guide you to a much better place, so you don\'t have to be stuck here. You will obtain more information than you expected; you\'ll be shown how to find the answers you need to understand and change your circumstances.

You will be given a true compass to guide and lead you along the path of tangible healing, and above all, instill hope for your future.

We are here to guide you through. To learn more visit this link. To join one of our groups now, go to our webpage Join Group. We have several phone groups available now, and you can join from anywhere in the country.