A happy person is not a person in great circumstances, but rather a person with great perspectives.

Every one of us experiences worry, insecurity and fear, but you can overcome crippling thoughts to see from another perspective, ushering in peace to your circumstances.

The prevailing emotions at the center of the Coronavirus pandemic are some of the very same that are stirred up when we experience betrayal. How we deal with our feelings in either circumstance depends on our perspective.

So while the headlines instill and propagate fear, we can choose to go better way. It\'s not about ignoring the facts. But even facts have two sides; it\'s all a matter of what one\'s perspective is, and putting facts into context of the larger picture.

Even though we can work toward our circumstances to change, if we are captive to fear or dependency on someone or something other than God, it is imperative for our health and our future that we work change our perspective, regardless of our circumstance, or we will be on a roller coaster of emotion our entire life, dependent on the concerns in our life or in our world.

This use of the word \'perspective\' is defined as \'a particular attitude toward, or way of regarding something, or point of view, mental state\'. I\'ll use the words perspective and attitude interchangeably here, both referring to this same meaning.

I can\'t overstate the importance of perspective in a person's life. More than any other issue it determines our success or failure in life, beyond knowing God.

A most profound story that embodies this point, is of a man named Viktor Frankl. The Nazi\'s killed his mother, then his wife and his brother. They put him in forced labor in Auschwitz, but in the midst of his circumstances which could not have been worse, he said, "I choose to suffer with dignity, and regardless of what the Nazi\'s do to me, I will never hate one of them, regardless of what they do.'"

His was an enormous decision. They may have defeated him physically, but they never defeated him spiritually.

When the concentration camps were liberated by American soldiers, people were dying right and left of hunger or disappointment and broken hearts. Viktor lived, and went on to pursue his life\'s work to help others overcome their mental roadblocks to freedom. He authored the book \'Man\'s Search for Meaning\', with over 10 million sold, and was a motivational speaker on this subject. He died in 1997 having lived a meaningful and successful life. You choose your attitude.

\"The one thing you can\'t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one\'s freedoms is to choose one\'s attitude in any given circumstance.\"
― Viktor E. Frankl

When we're going through difficulty and when we can\'t see ahead, we can hang on to God\'s word and it will predict whether you get through or not.

Romans 12:1 is a foundational verse for women working through trauma of sexual betrayal, and it applies to all of life, helping us to navigate the through circumstances such as we are in right now.

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:1

\'Conformed\' literally means to be identical to something else, and being \'conformed to the world\' in our thinking means we just think like everybody else; we think like the world thinks. But \'transformation\' in the Greek is \'metamorpho\' where we get our word metamorphosis, and it means a complete change, a total transformation.

The transformation that God can do in your life will come as you choose for your mind to be renewed, which is a process beyond becoming one of God\'s own. Becoming a Christian is like becoming a child; we might not know much other than \'God created me, loves me, and Jesus died to save me\'. The growing up emotionally and spiritually happens when you allow all of God\'s truths to transform your thinking. Then you will be able to discern, to hear, to know the perfect will of God. That knowledge gives you hope, gives you clear thinking, gives you His direction, gives you answers, give you creativity to adapt, overcome and thrive.

But did you know when your mind is not renewed you can't
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So it's essential that we don't conform to other people\'s or the world's attitudes, perspective or way of thinking. It\'s a good time to reflect, do I think I have a godly perspective or a worldly perspective? It might be that in certain areas you are in sync with God, but in other areas you look to the world for cues.

We can choose to tune into God, not just the news. Instead of constantly listening to the repetitious \'breaking news\', we can listen to God\'s everlasting news, His advice and hope for us today.

I pray that you find peace in remembering that God is still in charge, and though we should be prudent in our actions, He is ultimately our protection and our healer.

In His Hope,

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