The Cost of Sex Addiction Recovery

Anthony Weiner is allegedly so strapped financially he can’t afford to continue addiction recovery at an inpatient facility on a beautiful ranch. A news story reported that he had intended a 90 day stay for a cost of about $64,000, but left when he ran out of money.

Mr. Weiner sought refuge at the ranch as he was being investigated by the FBI following news that he sent obscene sexts to a 15-year- old girl, disregarding knowledge of her age.

He’s one of many celebrities who seek treatment at exclusive centers for their addictions. One reason is to keep their issue out of the news, and assure privacy. They can afford to pay for the luxury they’re accustomed to, and these places are often labeled as the top facility for whatever the ailment. This facility is a lovely setting, with fishing, long hikes through the countryside and horseback riding along trails in the leafy woods, among the activities offered to the man who has spent almost his entire life in New York City and Washington, DC.

Problem was, he wasn’t prepared to pay his way for this option in the first place. His parents were footing the bill; they took out a mortgage on their house to pay for his rehab. Mr. Weiner didn’t contribute to what should have been his top priority. Before being caught in the media’s lens again, he’d been living a comfy lifestyle, while stealing oodles of funds from his mayoral campaign chest.

Though he shows a lot of bravado in public, surely he worries about the consequences of his behaviors. Mr. Weiner may be feeling like he doesn’t have other options; he may feel like he can’t afford the help he needs to change his behavior. Some in his shoes feel a sense of relief that they have an excuse to avoid changing.

A Sex Addiction Treatment Budget

It can be helpful to see into another person’s similiar circumstance to provide a fresh perspective. In observing just this information, do you feel he really can’t afford recovery? Or do you feel he’s using the cost of recovery as an excuse not to get help? My guess is that you could give him a few thoughts to consider, quite like these:

Eliminate some non-essential spending to make room for this important expense.
If you think getting better is expensive, look what your habit has already cost you.
If you truly can’t afford a given resource, find one you can, with a long track record of effectiveness.
Privacy doesn’t always a high price tag; in group recovery everyone is invested in each member’s personal privacy.
These thoughts would be helpful for anyone that feels like they can’t afford to get better. Often the cost of recovery is an objection, a reason not to get help, even when the expense is low. It usually boils down to priorities. For less than the price of a movie dinner date, AVENUE equips you with everything you need for your recovery journey.