Is He Being Unfaithful?

Most warning signs that a man is having an affair with another woman are not as obvious as the tell-tale lipstick on the collar. A pattern of behavioral changes are often red flags that might point to infidelity. You may observe subtle changes. He may seem aloof. A combination of sudden uncharacteristic changes in his…

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Someone You Know Needs This

signs cheating spouse

When faced with the devastation and loss from sexual betrayal, a woman needs solid information to sort out questions and decision points, and it is important to have others to talk to that really understand. That is exactly what our Healing Choice phone groups provide. We understand, because we’ve been there. We’ve made this journey;…

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Gossip In our Healing Choice Groups for women, I am so heartened and proud of how women care for each other. We begin each new group introducing our Group Courtesies. Among other things, each woman agrees on principles for maintaining confidentiality — respecting each other\’s stories and circumstances. The relationships and friendships I\’ve witnessed being…

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Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman Are your instincts telling you things are not right in your marriage? Are you aware your spouse used porn before marriage, but says he no longer does? Do you doubt his trustworthiness? In many relationships, porn was ever present in the man\’s life, long before he knew you. Men don\’t typically disclose that…

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Shame Revisited

healing after affair

Shame Revisited For many of you who have gone through an Unintended Journey or Healing Choice restoration group, you already confronted and dismissed shame for what it is; a dark debilitating lie that, left unexamined, has the power to silence and cripple. Precious Jewels of Friendship When we discover that place of connectedness and vulnerability…

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It’s Trauma. Not Your Fault.

it's trauma

  It’s Trauma. It’s not your fault. If you’ve suffered sexual betrayal in your closest relationship, you’ve lived the experience of deep trauma from that wound, and the effects and responses reverberate through most aspects of your life. You know that, I know that. old labels Now the counseling community is beginning to understand that…

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