Do you feel trapped or betrayed by porn, infidelity, or addiction?

You're not alone. We're here to help you discover a new direction, heal the brokenness, and have hope for your future.

At AVENUE we know you want to live victoriously and transformed.

To do that,  you need to heal your pain,  restore your life,  your relationships,  and your God-given purpose.


The problem is that relationship and sexual brokenness can make you feel ashamed, trapped and alone.


We believe you should stop getting robbed.


You were meant to live an abundant life.


We understand how difficult it is to find effective answers to these deepest struggles.


For over 20 years we’ve helped thousands of people restore their lives and relationships, made better than new, through our transformational healing process.


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Here’s how we help you to start right now

Get into one our private healing groups, guided by our proven process.

We’re ready to help you so that you can stop living in the same pain, going in circles; and instead, experience a restored life, restored relationships, and your restored destiny.


So join us online, or call us now. Here's where to start

We understand because we've been there too

"We forged our own restoration 25 years ago, so we really do understand what you're dealing with, and have a lot in common with you.


Through our experiences and a thirst for knowledge driven by a personal mission, we built our healing process just for your needs.


Because we know what it really takes to change, overcome and heal, we can help you achieve remarkable restoration and new meaning in your own life.


We look forward to meeting the hero in you!


Founders Clay and Susan Allen

Clay & Susan Allen - AVENUE Founders

Why Restoration Groups are more helpful than counseling alone

Healing is a personal experience, but it's proven that when working on common goals in a community of your peers, healing is accelerated for the individual.


You can achieve your goals for direction, healing, personal restoration, and a transformed life in our Restoration Groups.


We are your guide. Your roadmap to a transformed life begins right here.

"I've known Clay and Susan for decades. They've been pioneers, helping, healing and setting the captives free from sex addiction, walking men through to restore sexual integrity, and women from betrayal, all across the country. I send my clients to them. A great program of biblically sound materials and among all the sexual recovery movement they've really mastered discipleship, accountability and healing the brokenhearted."

Founder and President of AASAT - Dr. Doug Weiss


Our Restoration Groups


  • MENOur Operation Destiny work is designed for your individual needs to restore sexual health, integrity, heal wounds, and discover your God designed purpose. Discover real freedom to pursue your best life.


  • WOMEN - Our Healing Choice work is designed for your own individual needs for safety, healthy boundaries, when to trust or not, to heal, and much more. Restore confidence and hope for your new future.


  • COUPLES - If you desire to restore your marriage together, our men's and women's processes provide the roadmap to get you there. Marriage won't be the same; we can help you make it better than it ever was.


Learn about our groups and what makes them so successful!

Restore Your Life Today

"Today I am a walking miracle because God touched my life, my whole life, through Avenue."

"Because of AVENUE and the grace of Christ, I have my family back."

"AVENUE helped me heal the hurt and pain from my childhood."

"In Avenue I have found the way to get out and stay out of sexual bondage."

"With the AVENUE groups and a lot of prayer, we began the path to real recovery together."

AVENUE changed my whole life!

Here's Hope!

Restoration isn’t just for the lucky’s for you! AVENUE works for every person who is willing, no matter how difficult your circumstance. Our inspired tools give you the knowledge, direction and people you need right now, to guide you to a new beginning.

If you're hopeless right now, I'd like you to read the testimonies here; they're just a few of the many people who've been profoundly healed with our help.  We want to do the same for you.  Watch this!

Clay Allen, AVENUE Founder and Pastor

Connect with Avenue for your needs now. Let us know how we can help you.

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Overcome Triggers and Memories

From my own experience and the women I’ve helped over the years, I’ve found that two of the most difficult things for a woman who has been betrayed is her intentional revisiting of the memories of his betrayals, and the triggers that bring up those same memories when she least expects it. Regardless of how these things are brought to mind, they set off a cascade of pain and downward spiral that can take over her days.


The Healing Power of Gratitude

What could happen if we made each day a day of thanks-giving? What if we spent time to tell God the things we are so thankful for, in equal proportion to asking Him for our needs to be met? What would it change? What could be made possible? When we’re asking, we’re focusing on what…


Why I Stayed and Restored Our Marriage

I want to share one woman’s story of dealing with her husband’s betrayals. The first thing you’ll find was that this wasn’t a straight path to recovery. Not for his healing and not for hers. But one ingredient is absolutely required for true restoration of the marriage to happen. Both husband and wife have to…


Is He Being Unfaithful?

Most warning signs that a man is having an affair with another woman are not as obvious as the tell-tale lipstick on the collar. A pattern of behavioral changes are often red flags that might point to infidelity. You may observe subtle changes. He may seem aloof. A combination of sudden uncharacteristic changes in his…

signs cheating spouse

Someone You Know Needs This

When faced with the devastation and loss from sexual betrayal, a woman needs solid information to sort out questions and decision points, and it is important to have others to talk to that really understand. That is exactly what our Healing Choice phone groups provide. We understand, because we’ve been there. We’ve made this journey;…



  Gossip In our Healing Choice Groups for women, I am so heartened and proud of how women care for each other. We begin each new group introducing our Group Courtesies. Among other things, each woman agrees on principles for maintaining confidentiality — respecting each other’s stories and circumstances. The relationships and friendships I’ve witnessed…


Invisible Woman

  Invisible Woman Are your instincts telling you things are not right in your marriage? Are you aware your spouse used porn before marriage, but says he no longer does? Do you doubt his trustworthiness? In many relationships, porn was ever present in the man’s life, long before he knew you. Men don’t typically disclose…

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Shame Revisited

Shame Revisited For many of you who have gone through an Unintended Journey or Healing Choice restoration group, you already confronted and dismissed shame for what it is; a dark debilitating lie that, left unexamined, has the power to silence and cripple. Precious Jewels of Friendship When we discover that place of connectedness and vulnerability…

it's trauma

It’s Trauma. Not Your Fault.

  It’s Trauma. It’s not your fault. If you’ve suffered sexual betrayal in your closest relationship, you’ve lived the experience of deep trauma from that wound, and the effects and responses reverberate through most aspects of your life. You know that, I know that. old labels Now the counseling community is beginning to understand that…


10 questions for good Decisions!

In this journey we’re on, we find ourselves at various crossroads, faced with difficult decisions to make. If we’re not ready, or afraid, the decision may be ‘I’ll do nothing’ or ‘I’m not going to think about it’. In reality this is a decision, if only for the short term. Our have you made a…