Someone You Know Needs This Now

When a man veers off the life he envisioned for himself, he needs much more than the promise of quick fixes that never deliver.

He needs to-the-core restoration of body-mind-spirit.

He needs a step-by-step strategy to secure lasting victory.

That is exactly what our Operation Destiny phone groups provide.

We understand, because we've been there.

We've blazed this trail; we know the way through, and we’ve created the Operation Destiny strategic course specifically for the man whose sex life is creating collateral damage in his relationships, finances, emotional, spiritual or physical health.

For over 20 years, our ministry has been providing guidance to help you succeed in your mission to break free from destructive habits and discover your God designed destiny as a changed man.

These groups meet via phone or online in small groups. In the group, aided by a trained facilitator, the Operation Destiny field guide allows you to work alongside other like-minded men. No longer isolated, you'll be accepted, encouraged, strengthened.

Real friendships are forged in these small, confidential groups, as the power of the peer group accelerates the time it takes to recover and experience a new abundant life.

Someone you know needs this help right now. Be a good friend, whether to yourself, or a person you know who is struggling with this right now.

Group Details

We have groups available to join now. All groups have the same meeting format. Group size is about twelve men; each man works at his own pace.

Just click this link to learn more and sign up for one of our groups.