Detonator Doves?

 Imagine my shock and awe one quiet morning when I witnessed a great commotion right above my head in the limb of an oak tree where two doves were fending off a very aggressive Blue Jay that invaded their nest trying to steal their two newly laid eggs. The battle was lengthy and violent.


The Mourning Dove is widely known for its traits as a bird of monogamy, peace and tranquility. I’ve loved and studied birds all my life and I’ve never witnessed what I saw this particular morning. Blue Jays are crafty, aggressive thieves. Few birds can withstand their attacks. These two “docile” doves, on the other hand, were giving this Blue Jay “the business” as one famous NFL referee once commented upon describing an unnecessary roughness penalty in the midst of a nationally televised game to the great amusement of the TV commentators. I’ve never seen doves work in tandem to give another bird multiple combination “wing-punches” and “head/beak-butts,” but that’s exactly what this unsuspecting Blue Jay-thief received. The result was complete and total victory for the two doves as they worked as a team and drove the insolent intruder from their home and protected their family.


As Christian men we are also to be monogamous, peaceful and seek tranquility, as is characteristic of doves. But sometimes instructors stop there, giving the wrong view of who or what we’re called to be. But just like doves who are also are strong and courageous, the truth is God designed us and told us three times to be “strong and courageous, very courageous” even, to not be “afraid or discouraged” because “God will be with you wherever you go” as you live out God’s plan for your restored life and help others do the same through your changed life (Joshua 1:5-9).


God designed you to be both docile and a defender, so that you conquer and overcome the crafty and aggressive evil Thief in your and your family’s life, in your community, and, in your country. God designed you this way so that you are creatively stimulated by Him in whatever the Lord has called you to do – thinking higher thoughts, having better ideas and ways, having better relationships – so that you are productive and prosperous in providing and protecting yourself, your family, your church, your ministry, your community, and, our country, for that’s part of the Lord’s promise for you and I found in the first book of Joshua.


You deserve to live God’s best for your life! His promised abundant life for us includes monogamy, for those of us who are married, while being spiritually balanced between seeking peace while aggressively protecting that which we love – giving the Enemy of our souls “the business;” kicking Satan out of our lives, the lives of our families, our finances, our churches, our communities and country! This is why we so desperately need the Lord, for He promised to be with us wherever we go as He gives us victory through His power, and, why we also need one another to team up like doves to give Satan the boot; an onslaught of spiritual combination punches until we drive Satan from every aspect of our lives – period, no negotiating!


I’m praying for you, Avenue man of God, that you be strong and very courageous as you team up with other men in your Avenue healing group, follow Jesus closely, and, embrace your God-designed destiny. For the Lord is for you and with you as you provide and protect that which you love!