Bad News Reflex

Bad news. 

We’ve all gotten it. We'll all continue to get some from time to time. I’m talking about the kind of bad news delivered on a pink slip, the crumpled result of  your son's joyride, a friend’s betrayal, your wife's overspent credit cards. So what’s your reflex to getting bad news? In the natural, we're all prone to responding with anger, bitterness, depression, or perhaps rage, getting even, or getting physical.

But as we get to know God's goodness, we delight in following His commands because He delights in us. You and I can risk to trust and respond differently to bad news. Psalm 112 says that we will have no fear of bad news, that our hearts are steadfast as we trust in the Lord for He watches out for us better than we could ever watch out for ourselves!

He also promises in this same Psalm that we’ll have victory over our foes! If that isn’t good news, I don’t know what good news is! To respond by trusting God instead of reacting with highly charged emotion may take some time and practice. That’s why we need each other, to vent our feelings in safety, confess and pray with one another, because developing our best bad news reflex is sometimes easier said than done.

So, righteous man,  the next time you get bad news, fear not. Remain in Him, doing what He says to do. His love and strength will pour into all that you do – empowering you more profoundly than any dose of anger ever could do!

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