Detonator Doves?

 Imagine my shock and awe one quiet morning when I witnessed a great commotion right above my head in the limb of an oak tree where two doves were fending off a very aggressive Blue Jay that invaded their nest trying to steal their two newly laid eggs. The battle was lengthy and violent.  …

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Prayer-Do You Know Its Hidden Power?

Prolific author, apologist, professor and luminary C.S. Lewis said, of prayer, “I pray because… it doesn’t change God – it changes me.” There may now be scientific evidence of just how powerful your prayers are to change you for the better, not that we need scientific evidence, for the basis of prayer is our faith.…

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Bad News Reflex

Bad news.  We’ve all gotten it. We’ll all continue to get some from time to time. I’m talking about the kind of bad news delivered on a pink slip, the crumpled result of  your son’s joyride, a friend’s betrayal, your wife’s overspent credit cards. So what’s your reflex to getting bad news? In the natural,…

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