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Where would you be without Avenue?

Please take a quiet moment and let that sobering question soak in.

For me, it’s simple…

“I would not be on this earth as I would have died due to my brokenness. Everything held dear to me, now and for eternity, would’ve been lost or unfulfilled.” Clay

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Not Better, But Deader!

I was speaking with my aunt recently and she was describing a massive breakthrough she had in her life to multiple monumental obstacles that, at the time, seemed insurmountable. She had been hurt terribly and a result she couldn’t forgive, she couldn’t love, she was severely depressed, and, she developed various physical ailments that were undoubtedly associated. Simply put, she couldn’t do life. In fact, she admittedly hated life.

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How’s Your Alignment?

Virtually everywhere I go to speak at men’s gatherings, I hear the same complaint from men I get to know; “My wife is hassling me and I can’t take it any longer! What do I do?”
First, I understand that kind of pain and suffering. It can be unbearable.

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Choose! And Choose Now!

Our church family is in deep trouble, and, our country is in deep trouble as a result. An epic war, such as our church family and the United States has never seen before, is taking place whereby each of us must individually and corporately choose and prove to live either by Christ’s ways, or, the world’s ways – it cannot be a little of both as each is in direct conflict with one another. The stakes could never be higher.

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You are God’s Kinsman-Redeemer!

A man was shattered by his mother’s blame for everything wrong in her life, which was plenty. His entire family was now blaming him for his mother’s problems, yet, he wasn’t to blame. He began resenting and resisting spending time with his mother and family.

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How’s Your Hearing?

A leader, in the midst of an economic downturn, called a fellow brother-in-Christ he hadn’t seen in quite a while to learn how he was doing. He wasn’t well. He had a myriad of financial, relational and attitudinal problems.

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Healing In An Instant

There was a man who worked very hard just to keep food on the table for his family. Money was tight, very tight.

Part of their last one hundred dollars (which was to be used for groceries and gasoline) was spent on gold wrapping paper, an act that triggered the husband’s anger in screaming at his wife for being wasteful. Later that evening he discovered their youngest child, all of five years old, had used all of the gold wrapping paper to wrap what looked to be a shoebox, an act that prompted him to grab her by one arm, jerk her into the air, and slap her hard several times.

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A Laughing Matter

The old saying, “laughter is the best medicine” is proving true. A happy heart is like good medicine according to Proverbs 17:22a. As we progress through the often painful process of being restored to our God-designed destinies from the impact of sexual brokenness, we all too often overlook the importance of laughter.

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