As if Tiger Woods’s droopy-eyed booking photo was not embarrassing enough, Florida police videotaped the golf star as he stumbled through sobriety tests following his arrest early yesterday for driving under the influence. A Jupiter Police Department report notes that the 41-year-old athlete was asleep at the wheel of a running black Mercedes when a patrolman discovered him stopped in the roadway around 2 AM Monday.  Woods had “extremely slow and slurred speech” and “did not know where he was” police noted. Woods was arrested after failing a series of field sobriety tests. A supplemental report indicates that the field tests were recorded by a police dash cam. Two breath tests recorded Woods’s blood alcohol content at .000, indicating that he was likely incapacitated due to his ingestion of narcotics. Woods told police that he takes the painkiller Vicodin and other medicines. He also reported having multiple surgeries on his left knee and achilles. In a statement yesterday, Woods said that he had an “unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.” We should all be very thankful we haven’t lived out our worst in the spotlight of celebrity. Many of us hope for Tiger that this is  just a case of ‘reaction to prescription medication’. He had back surgery just 5 weeks ago. We don’t know exactly what is happening in Tiger’s life. Let’s continue to pray for him for the healing he needs.. It’s not news that Tiger has not found his footing since his worst public and private moments over seven years ago, in November 2009. Celebrity comes with many buffers and people that will not offer help except to help keep the illusion going. “He changed his coach”… “He changed his swing…twice”…”injury after injury”. The response of one sportswriter summarizes how some just don’t connect the dots “What happened to Tiger Woods? It’s the most vexing question in sports” wrote sports writer Alan Shipnuck  just a year ago.
It’s an awesome thing that devoted Christian Jack Nicklaus is in close proximity to Tiger. “I feel bad for Tiger,” Nicklaus said Tuesday during his press conference at the Memorial Tournament. “Tiger’s a friend. He needs our help. I wish him well.”  Nicklaus continued. “He’s struggling … He needs support from a lot of people. I’ll be one of them.”  For men reading this, who at one time imploded their own lives like Tiger, you no doubt have some sober thoughts and wisdom that you’d love to share with Tiger that could  be the catalyst for his best years ahead. Thankfully that is still a possibility, whether it’s on or off the golf course.