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At AVENUE, we understand the boxed-in isolation pastor’s experience.

Subject to unrealistic expectations and demands, overworked, underpaid and stressed, the demands of ministry may tempt a pastor to seek other sources of gratification in isolation.

We know how it develops, and why, when personal struggles need attention, a pastor may go deeper into hiding, living in fear and shame, because of the risk of exposure, loss of reputation, career and relationships.

There is another way. Speak confidentially to another pastor whose been where you are. 




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our Confidential Pastor's Help Line


Mobile Mens Group

Avenue is the place for you.

You'll be invited to join into a confidential weekly call-in group of men dealing with similar issues. A highly-confidential environment to be real in, to deal with your struggles, and to receive the help you’re hoping for. If you’re a pastor, missionary, or leader of a religious organization, this is a safe place.

Run by men that have gone through and overcome the same struggle, you will be received with love and grace.  Each group member is working on the same issue, in an effort to conquer the behavioral patterns and emotional wounds, as well as restore dignity and relationships.

"...a brother is born to help in time of need."

Proverbs 17:17

Did you know?

70% of pastors don’t have a close friend in their life

40% of pastors view pornography daily

33% confess to inappropriate sexual activity with someone in the church

Clergy has 2nd highest divorce rate among all professions

"I was ready to resign my position as a pastor. I knew I could no longer serve as a pastor and maintain my addiction. I was planning my resignation. I was so deceived by the enemy that I didn’t even believe healing was possible. Here I am, five years later, and I’ ve been free from acting out for over three years. Five years ago I didn’t think this was even possible. I almost lost my marriage, being present for my two sons as they entered adolescence, and my ministry. I felt like a total failure. I got it all back through you brothers, and Jesus’ healing."

"My wife was ready to leave me; I resigned myself that I was headed for divorce, losing touch with my two daughters, and my district superintendent was ready to fire me; then I called the Avenue Hotline and I talked with you. The next week, after my interview, I asked my wife to give me another chance. I’ ve been walking in total accountability now for four years; it’ s been a tough road, but my wife and I are closer than we’ ve ever been, and my district superintendent says he believes in me. It’ s a miracle. I was ready to give up."

"I got my life back. I was so filled with shame and anger that I was dysfunctional in my marriage, parenting and ministry. I was dishonest, and hiding all the time, terrified that someone would ask to use my cell phone or computer and find all the pornography on my devices. I was obsessive about trying to cover my tracks, erase my web surfing history and secret files. I wasted months—no—five years lying, hiding, running, blaming. Now, it’ s like I have a new life. I have time to do my work; I am present with my wife and children; I am effective in ministry. I am a new person."