Our Founders

Clay Allen

Clay Allen serves as Pastor, President and Director of Men’s Resources of AVENUE. He encourages men to discover and experience their God-designed destiny, one vital prize of winning the battle over sexual compromise and brokenness. He's walked in the footsteps of the men who've struggled sexually so he knows the accompanying pain and shame. Clay has experienced first hand God's gracious healing transformation: going from hopeless, hiding and empty to hopeful, honest and fulfilled.

In the process of healing from his own past, in 1995 he began facilitating small groups at his home church, East Bay Fellowship in Danville, California. According to their Senior Pastor, Ron Pinkston, "Clay has done his homework, lived in the trenches with other men, and continues to give his life away for the sake of others. The family he almost lost remains healthy and intact. He has become a wonderful father and husband."

Another result of Clay's surrender to going God’ s way was the divinely orchestrated freedom from massive indebtedness that accumulated during the years he struggled sexually. Clay has been an active Real Estate Broker in the dynamic market of Northern California since 1978. Though he always loved his vocation, he is passionate about his newer calling. He devotes himself to helping men across the country embrace help, hope and healing. Clay authored the Operation Destiny series for men, a comprehensive study to walk men through this process.

Clay's speaking events communicate genuine hope for those wanting to trade in a shortchanged life for the abundant life Jesus promised. His messages have been broadcast through Promise Keepers events, Billy Graham’ s Decision Today, The 700Club, and many secular and Christian television and radio programs throughout the country.

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Susan Allen

Susan Allen is the Founder and Director of Women’s Resources for AVENUE. She has walked in the shoes of the women she now helps.

Her first passion was home design since the age of 14. Self taught and always learning, she put her natural talent and earned knowledge to work 'flipping' houses in the 80's, long before that term was coined. She's owned and managed two successful design businesses throughout her career.

Susan has applied her passion for rebuilding and restoring to women who've been devastated by marital betrayal. She has studied extensively on these issues and the ramifications affecting a wife and family.  She shares her extensive experience, offering hope and healing through her comprehensive study book series titled The Healing Choice, the curriculum to  guide women through AVENUE small restoration groups.

Susan and Clay have been married since 1982. Together they co-founded AVENUE. They have one lovely daughter, and reside in Northern California. Their marriage and ministry is a testimony of the healing hand of God's touch.

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