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Let us know! Our Leader Coaches are available to your group facilitator for ongoing ready answers, to train them to lead this important ministry under your authority. Your group will be listed in our groups directory, so that people in your community in need of your resource can find your group.

Questions First?

 Whatever your questions, we have answers! We can help you no matter the size of your church. Whether you're the pastor, ministry leader or inquiring facilitator, talk with a Leader Coach who can help you with your concerns  and decision making. Let us help you with your first steps of planning.

Why Avenue Groups?

Address The Unspoken Need

Sexual brokenness is the silent epidemic. No church is immune.


Just as Jesus did, answer your people's deepest urgent needs. 



Remove Shame Give Hope

Provide life giving alternatives to dead-end behavior and divorce.

Reap Benefits

Your church or counseling center grows when you offer this resource in your community.

AVENUE equips you to solve the No. 1 unspoken need in your church!  Not so sure? The majority of Christian men say they struggle on some level to maintain sexual integrity. Sex has always been men's Achilles heel; compounded by the advent of internet porn, it has created a pandemic among men. Our resources address both the man's habits, and the woman in relationship with him whose been deeply affected by his behavior.

When you address this urgent need affecting so many,  your members and visitors are attracted by your relevant concerns. The visitor you've helped through Avenue often becomes a committed church member. Avenue is  a resource that friends tell friends about in a time of need; the result?                   You're a hero and your church grows!

how avenue helps you add our groups without adding burden

We know firsthand the weighty job of a pastor. And how new great ideas brings with them new workloads. We built our ministry with the goal to negate that downside. Your only new 'workload' once deciding to bring this ministry to your church is to appoint your group's facilitator and promote this resource just as you do other small groups. Then our Leadership Coaches train your facilitators to start and run your groups for their entire duration. We understand your church has protocols; we've included the most widely used in our Leader Guide, and instruct facilitators that our suggestions are subject to the approval and authority of their church. Avenue is your church's ministry that comes equipped with a support team!

We provide ongoing Leadership Support for all your group needs. Our Coaches work directly with group facilitators, helping them to start and run healthy groups.  Coaches connect over email and phone to get your questions answered as they arise.
Leader Guide
Our comprehensive Leader’s Guides walks facilitators through all aspects of a group's life. Find quick answers to questions that arise. Simple tools to help create a safe haven where hurting men and women can heal.
Through our Leadership Community, facilitators can connect with other group leaders across town or across the country to share ideas. Our Leader Community provides continual peer support for every member.
Member as Leader
A person in need is eligible to facilitate a group. One must weigh the ability to take on this role while going through their own healing. If you're unsure, talk with a Coach who can help you with your concerns.



According to a new Barna study


Yet in the same study

                   93% OF PASTORS REPORT HAVING NO PROGRAMS IN THE CHURCH                            TO HELP THOSE AFFECTED

Do you feel ill equipped to deal with this subject? We understand, and we want to help, that's why we're here.

No church is immune to this present and growing problem. A majority of your adult male members may be living a compromised life marred by misuse of sex. Infidelity is a perennial issue, and porn escalates it. Fractured marriages and divorce are obvious outcomes. Passive tithing and lack of involvement are common side effects. People don't come forward to get help because . . . SHAME IS SILENT. We can help you teach on this subject regularly with hope, and have ready resources to offer solutions to your members. Be their hand of hope. The reward is profound. Changed lives. Restored families. Men living out their God destined destinies. Women healed. Children get their Daddy back.        


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